Keeping the wind workforce safe: Cloth face coverings help prevent COVID-19 spread

Cloth face coverings can help slow the spread of COVID-19 and help those who may have the virus but don’t know it from transmitting it to others. The Centers...

New study: Highlights from the Wind Powers American Business report

Plunging Renewable Energy Prices Mean U.S. Can Hit 90% Clean Electricity By 2035 – At No Extra Cost

Renewable energy has historically been considered too expensive and too unreliable to power our grid, but new research has overturned that trope for good. Plummeting wind, solar, and storage...

Renewables Can Sometimes Resolve Grid Variability Better Than Thermal Plants Can: NREL Analyst

Wind and solar may introduce concerns about variability into the power grid, but in some cases they can resolve those concerns—according to an analyst from the National Renewable Energy...

Redoubling Our Resolve to Deliver Energy Transition

As momentum behind decarbonization accelerates, offshore service providers must accept the challenges ahead with great enthusiasm, harnessing key skills honed during many years working offshore, says William Hill, Executive...

‘We Too Must Improve’: Clean Energy Industry Looks Into Mirror on Racial Inequity

Renewable energy groups say they will redouble efforts to diversify their rapidly growing and mostly white workforces.

Solar, Wind, Storage Link Arms in Push for ‘Majority Renewables’ by 2030

With the 2020 election drawing closer, the solar and wind sectors announced a joint push to quadruple their combined share of the U.S. power mix by 2030.

Clean Power Continues To Stretch Its Cost Benefits Over Coal

Renewable energy continues to get cheaper, and it is increasingly the cheapest form of new power capacity around the world, less expensive than any form of fossil fuel electricity.

American wind power supports COVID-19 relief efforts in communities across the country

Fostering strong partnerships with local host communities is essential for the success of American wind power.

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