Putting The Economic Benefits of the U.S. Offshore Wind Industry Into Perspective

Vast majority support Vineyard Wind in federal comments for permit decisions

Wind Energy Can Help Build a Better Post-Pandemic Future

#AmericanWindWeek 2020: Wind poised to help economy recover from COVID-19 recession

FERC staff to Congress: HV transmission essential to reducing carbon, deploying renewables

EDP Renewables CEO: Education and engagement are more important now than ever

Offshore wind report forecasts $1.7B of revenue from new federal lease auctions by 2022

The money case for offshore wind

Rapidly falling offshore wind power prices in key European markets could also bode well for the emerging U.S. sector, according to findings from a peer-reviewed study in Nature Energy. Why...

Green hydrogen could match grey by 2023 thanks to $5/MWh wind power: Morgan Stanley

Steep declines in costs and tax credit extensions could make renewable H2 competitive far sooner than expected, says finance giant

Another Voice: Renewable energy brings blue skies, economic growth

During the Covid-19 “pause,” we enjoyed blue skies without haze and breathed refreshing air, a rare experience in the city. How are we able to maintain this wonderful air...

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