World’s largest energy storage system proposed in Morro Bay

California may soon be home to the largest energy storage facility in the world! Energy storage technology allows grid operators to smooth out the electricity supply curve by storing excess electricity when it is being overproduced and releasing it onto the grid when demand increases. Projects like Morro Bay enhance the reliability of the grid and allow for the adoption of more renewables. 

“The world’s largest energy storage system could soon go up in Morro Bay.

It would go in the location of the vacant Morro Bay Power Plant.

Texas-based company, Vistra Energy is proposing to build a 600-megawatt lithium-ion battery installation at the location of the old tank farm…

The company says much of the existing infrastructure would be utilized and it could tie into the existing PG&E substation without the need for any new transmission lines.

The battery facility is designed to help California and the Central Coast with renewable energy.

‘The batteries help by storing renewable energy from the grid when it’s plentiful like during the middle of the day when the sun is shining the batteries will then store that excess energy until it is needed,’ [Eric Cherniss, Senior Director of Vistra Corporate Development and Strategy] said. 

Vistra says about 100 local construction workers will be on-site for the entire project with 300 workers at its peak. 15 permanent employees would operate the site.” 

Read the full story on KSBY. 

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