US wind energy just hit a major milestone

The United States set a major renewable energy milestone last Tuesday: wind power was the second-highest source of electricity for the first time since the Energy Information Administration began gathering the data.

The US milestone comes as the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that wind and solar have declined significantly in cost and are now economically viable alternatives to fossil fuels. Scientists warned the world must rapidly transition to renewables and away from fossil fuels to avert the worst impacts of global warming.

“We cannot run our fossil fuel-based infrastructures anymore the way we did,” said Jan Christoph Minx, a climate researcher and a lead author on the report, at a news conference. “The big message coming from here is we need to end the age of fossil fuel. And we don’t only need to end it, but we need to end it very quickly.”

Read the full story on CNN.

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