Top 10 U.S. corporate renewable energy buyers of 2020

A growing number of businesses are buying renewable energy—not just because it is good for the planet. It is also great for the bottom line. In most parts of the country, wind and solar energy are the cheapest sources of power, making them competitive options for businesses seeking affordable, reliable energy for their operations. 

In its second-annual Deal Tracker Top 10 report, the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) found that U.S. corporations bought over 10.6 gigawatts of renewable energy in 2020. Buyers included household names like Amazon, Google, McDonald’s, and General Motors. The vast amounts of wind and solar power purchased not only demonstrated companies’ commitment to mitigating the worst impacts of climate change but also their growing comfort with renewable energy technologies, which have become proven mainstream sources of electricity in the past ten years.

“According to REBA, 2020 was also the first year that multiple U.S. corporate energy buyers announced procurements including battery storage, aligning with broader industry trends as storage technology becomes more accessible.

Looking ahead, REBA said significant potential remains to grow the U.S. renewables market and economy through key federal policy priorities.

In January, the group helped lead more than 30 corporations–including Amazon, McDonald’s, Pepsi Co., Walmart, and Facebook–to call on the Biden administration to help pave the way for a zero-carbon U.S. power sector.” 

Read the full story in the PV Magazine.  

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