Report Finds That a Clean Energy Standard Is the ‘Linchpin’ of US Achieving Climate Goals

Electricity production currently makes up more than a quarter of the United States’ carbon emissions. A Clean Energy Standard, or CES, would increase the amount of renewable energy on the grid and help lower carbon emissions produced through power generation. Like renewable portfolio standards in the states, a CES creates goals and incentives for moving the country’s energy mix in a cleaner direction. 

A CES would help our country achieve President Biden’s goal of a zero-carbon electricity sector by 2035. Congress should consider adopting a national Clean Energy Standard to promote renewable energy development and unleash the power of a clean energy economy. 

“A strong clean energy standard is among the most vital policy steps needed to push the United States toward an entirely decarbonized economy, according to new emissions modeling from clean energy research organization Energy Innovation.

The analysis suggests President Joe Biden’s plan to move the country to carbon-free electricity must play a key role in helping the U.S. reach global climate targets to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next century.”

Read the full story in Greentech Media.  

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