POLICY: Leveraging Coronavirus Stimulus to Take a Giant Leap Toward Decarbonization

As the U.S. begins vaccination efforts to end the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is starting to look seriously at what an economic recovery will look like. Any relief package in Washington should include provisions that advance the clean energy transition and create jobs. A recent Wärtsilä report identifies opportunities to create new clean energy jobs in the recovery. 

“The coronavirus pandemic has provided a glimpse into the challenges and opportunities posed by a more rapid transition to a 100 percent renewable energy future…While electricity demand has faltered during the global pandemic, the share of wind and solar generation has continued to increase. Wind and solar produced 10 percent of global electricity between January and June in 2020…”

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Clean Power for America has a list of policy priorities Congress should consider when crafting economic stimulus packages to address the COVID-19 economic crisis.

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