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Background Information

The growth of renewable energy in America is a story of innovation. Improvements in siting practices and technology are making renewable energy projects more efficient and even better neighbors. As older wind farms age, many projects are “repowered,” meaning the old components are swapped out for newer, more efficient ones that let wind projects generate more clean electricity at a lower cost. Over the last decade, the cost of wind energy and utility-scale solar have fallen by 70 percent, making them among the cheapest sources of electricity in many parts of the United States.

A stable and fair policy environment is critical to continue growing wind power and other renewable energy technologies. Adopting long-term, pro-growth tax policies that level the playing field will ensure wind continues creating new jobs and delivering low-cost clean energy to consumers.

Talking Points

The cost of wind power has fallen nearly 70 percent in the last decade thanks in part to pro-growth tax policies that have helped level the playing field.

The average turbine deployed in the U.S. today can generate more than 27 times more electricity than the typical turbine built in the 1990s.

When allowed to compete fairly in the market, wind energy is the cheapest source of energy in many parts of the United States.


Wind Turbine Innovation and Repowering

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