Rural Renewal with American Wind and Solar Power

Support America’s rural communities by affirming the right of property owners to lease their land for renewable energy development.

Background Information

Rural communities are central to wind energy’s identity. So much so that America’s heartland has earned the nickname “Wind Country.” Wind’s expansion in rural communities has grown the local tax base, generating new revenue that goes towards fixing roads, funding public services and investing in schools.  

Wind energy also benefits American farmers and ranchers who choose to lease portions of their land to host wind turbines. Land lease payments help stabilize farm incomes and hedge against financial hardships caused by low commodity prices, floods, droughts or tariffs. These payments help small and medium farming enterprises survive and be passed on to the next generation. 

Talking Points

U.S. wind and solar power contribute $2.5 billion in state and local taxes and land lease payments to farmers and ranchers every year.

The typical wind farm leaves 98 percent of the land in its footprint undisturbed, leaving the rest free for property owners to continue farming, ranching and enjoying.

Wind farms support jobs and opportunities that help rural communities retain residents and attract new talent to their workforces.


Wind Renews Rural Texas
Wind Supports Families in Rural Nebraska

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