Jobs & Opportunity with Renewables

Put Americans to work in manufacturing, construction, and skilled trade jobs and help create new opportunities for communities across all 50 states.

Background Information

The rise of clean energy in America is creating jobs and economic opportunities across the country. From manufacturing components to transportation, construction, and operations and maintenance, renewables like wind power are supporting thousands of skilled trade jobs, providing rewarding employment for people living in rural communities and veterans returning to the civilian workforce.

Well-paying jobs in rural areas give young people good career options that let them stay near their family and friends instead of having to leave home in order to support their families. On top of the permanent jobs renewables create, temporary construction workers also support local economies by lodging, shopping and eating at local businesses. Renewables are powering a rural renaissance in communities that welcome the development.

Talking Points

Wind turbine technician and solar installer are two of the country’s fastest-growing jobs. More than 443,000 Americans work in clean energy.

The military servicemen and women who serve our country find wind jobs at a rate 61% higher than the national average.

The U.S. is home to more than 500 wind-related manufacturing plants employing 26,000 workers thanks to low barriers to trade and free and fair markets for wind to compete in.


Wind energy powers job growth

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