Increasing Grid Resilience & Reliability

As electricity demand increases across the U.S. and extreme weather events become more common, deploying renewable energy will help keep the lights on.

Background Information

Clean energy is reliable, more predictable than conventional sources, and a critical component of the modern American electric grid. Grids across America would not be able to meet today’s demand without renewables. 

Extreme weather events – such as drought, extended heatwaves, wildfires, and extreme cold conditions – are only becoming more common and severe, thanks to climate change. During these events, high demand, coupled with unreliable conventional generation and aging infrastructure, can strain the grid.

The time is now to add more clean power to the grid to meet increasing demand and make the updates and improvements necessary to upgrade our energy infrastructure and stabilize the grid.

Talking Points

Unlike immediate and large outages in conventional fossil-fueled generators that often stress the grid unpredictably, changes in renewable electricity generation are slow and highly predictable, providing grid operators time to bring other resources online.

We can produce clean electricity without reliance on foreign supplies of energy - clean power boosts American energy independence and national security.

Renewables have proven crucial during extreme weather events – during Texas’ heat wave in June 2023, solar and wind provided up to 40% of electricity generation in the hours of highest demand.

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