Clean Energy

Make our country a healthier and safer place to live by cutting air pollution, reducing carbon emissions and saving water.

Background Information

A steady and dependable source of electricity is essential to comfortable modern living and business. The energy sources we choose to supply should be safe and make Americans healthier. When hooked up to the grid, wind and solar energy, paired with battery storage, deliver affordable, reliable electricity with the smallest environmental impacts of any major source of power generation.

Wind and solar produce electricity without releasing dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere that can harm Americans’ health. Reducing pollution from electricity generation will improve our quality of life, cut public health expenses and lessen our impacts on wildlife.

Talking Points

Generating electricity from wind and solar energy avoids an estimated 93.9 million cars’ worth of harmful carbon pollution every year, the greenhouse gas primarily responsible for climate change.

Studies have shown that wind power has the lowest impact on wildlife and their surrounding habitats of any major source of electricity generation.

In 2022, wind, solar, and energy storage plants in the United States saved over 211 billion gallons of water.

62.9 million homes can be powered by clean energy in the U.S.


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