On U.S. East Coast, Has Offshore Wind’s Moment Finally Arrived?

After years of debate and public engagement, the American offshore wind sector looks poised to finally start ramping up. While Europe and Asia are ahead of the U.S. on offshore wind deployment, many companies are optimistic about the American market, especially regions off the East Coast that boast strong and steady winds and proximity to major cities to consume the power produced. With costs continuing to fall, the demand for more zero-carbon electricity growing rapidly, and support from state officials and the new Biden administration, the U.S. seems poised for its offshore wind moment.

“Many of the upcoming projects are being built far enough away from the shore to overcome objections from some coastal residents that their views will be spoiled by turbines. Some can’t be seen from the shore under any conditions, while others can only be seen at certain times or on clear days, wind industry advocates say.

Concerns that wind turbines may kill migrating birds have been eased by research showing that birds typically migrate closer to shore than most wind farms and higher than even the tallest turbines. Fish populations may actually increase thanks to the creation of reef-like conditions around turbine foundations…”

Read the full story in Yale Environment 360. 

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