Now More Than Ever, Voters Support Ramping Up Clean Energy Production in the U.S.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused global energy prices to skyrocket. At this moment, President Biden and his supporters on Capitol Hill are forcefully calling out moves by Big Oil CEOs to profit off Putin’s war. While a concerted effort to fight high prices at the pump is taking place, members of Congress are also envisioning a world where we achieve true energy independence through clean energy. As Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm discussed with business leaders on Wednesday, the clean energy industry is growing exponentially right now and Congress has the opportunity to turbocharge it by passing climate provisions.

These proposals enjoy bipartisan support. Strong majorities of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans support ramping up the production of wind and solar energy as well as declaring a national gas tax holiday. Moreover, majorities of Democrats and Independents and a plurality of Republicans support consumer rebates to make electric vehicles more affordable and manufacturing and sending heat pumps to Europe.

It’s clear that this moment is transcending partisan divides. Democrats, Independents, and Republicans recognize the urgency and importance of moving away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy. Moreover, voters recognize that oil and gas companies should not take advantage of skyrocketing energy prices to benefit their Wall Street shareholders. Lawmakers should feel confident making bold investments in clean energy to combat the dual crises of energy independence and the climate crisis.

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