Louisiana embraces solar energy

Louisiana knows a thing or two about how to harness its natural resources, including one of the most abundant: sunshine. In January, construction began on Ventress Solar, the state’s largest solar array to date. 

The 345 MW array is a significant addition to Louisiana’s installed solar capacity, which was at 200 MW previously. The array will create 400 construction jobs and will contribute significant funds to the local government, about $30 million in the first 10 years of operation. 

Lightsource bp, which developed the array, will also dedicate $375,000 to local philanthropic activities and charitable donations. According to a study by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, the project will have an indirect economic impact of over $200 million on the surrounding community. Ventress Solar will also help power both McDonald’s and eBay U.S. operations through power purchase agreements. 

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