INNOVATION: Xcel looking to upgrade Grand Meadow wind farm

Technological advances are opening up new possibilities for upgrading older wind farms. As a wind farm ages, replacing older turbine parts with newer components extends a project’s life, allowing it to continue delivering economic value to its host community. 

“Xcel Energy is hoping a proposed upgrade to its wind towers near Grand Meadow will move the wind farm further into the future.

The company held a virtual open house Thursday night about the project that would extend the life of the farm to 2048 and produce at least 10 percent more energy…

‘We’re thrilled,’ said County Administrator Trish Harren. ‘When you can create a more efficient (operation) with the same footprint with the least amount of disturbance of the environment or the neighborhood while increasing productivity — we really appreciate that.’

The wind farms have been a boon to Mower County. Thanks to the money generated from wind farms, the county has been able to keep its levy down. This year alone, the money was able to shave about 10 percent off the levy.”

Read the full story in Austin Daily Herald

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