GROWTH: A return to the Paris Climate Accord could lead to U.S. substantial renewables growth

A stable and fair policy environment is critical to continue growing American renewable energy. Long-term, pro-growth tax policies that level the playing field, coupled with aspirational goals like those set out in the Paris agreement, will help the U.S. decarbonize its economy while creating jobs and economic opportunity for Americans. 

“A return by the U.S. to the Paris Climate Accord expected under the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden could give a further boost to renewable and clean energy generation in the country’s power markets…It is projected that as much as 238 GW more solar and wind will be needed in the U.S. to meet the Paris Accord’s targets.

In the U.S., utility-scale wind and solar generation have accounted for more than half of all new capacity added to U.S. grids over the past six years, according to a recent Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study.”

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