Ask your lawmaker to support America’s wind energy workers

It is American Wind Week, a week-long celebration of the communities and innovative technology making wind energy an American success story.

But this year, as Congress takes steps to ensure that our nation’s workforce is prepared to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, we must ensure they remember the more than 120,000 American wind workers.

In response to economic conditions and the need to develop new clean energy resources, we’re asking Congress to:

  1. Provide alternative construction financing options by allowing companies to receive the earned value of their tax credits up-front because of the pandemic-caused tightening of the credit market.
  2. Preserve America’s progress in building a domestic offshore wind industry by extending sector’s “safe harbor” period to 7 years.

Make sure renewable energy workers don’t get left out! Ask your Member of Congress to protect our country’s clean energy progress for the workers and communities that depend on wind energy jobs and investment.

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