Technology Changes in U.S. Wind Industry Help Slow the Impacts of Aging on Wind Power Plants

Ongoing technology changes within the U.S. wind industry are helping to slow the impacts of aging on wind power plants, according to a study by researchers at Lawrence Berkeley...

‘Stand Tall’: Annual wind energy safety campaign spotlights sprains and strains

Washington — The American Wind Energy Association is offering free resources in October in conjunction with its annual monthlong worker safety awareness campaign.

Growing North Carolina’s clean energy future

Clean energy in the form of wind and solar power is a vital component of North Carolina’s economy — and is critical to our recovery after the slowdown caused...

Offshore Wind: Building the future

U.S. offshore wind power is set to take off within the next decade. America’s shores possess world-class wind resources that represent a once-in-a-generation economic opportunity.

American Offshore Wind: Revitalizing Local Communities

National Clean Energy Week is the perfect time to spotlight the next major source of American power: Offshore Wind. The growing U.S. offshore wind industry has demonstrated its resilience...

Clean energy is not to blame for California blackouts, state agencies tell governor

Solar, wind and batteries are all grown up

While driving in Maryland last week, I passed a 13.6 megawatt solar project completed four years ago. At the time it was built it was on the larger side...

Report: Pennsylvania clean energy ‘major’ job creator

Clean energy jobs grew by nearly 7,800 in 2017-19, resulting in an 8.7 percent average job growth rate — significantly higher than Pennsylvania’s overall growth rate of 1.9 percent.

#AmericanWindWeek 2020: Businesses power up with wind

#AmericanWindWeek 2020: We are wind

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