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Join the American Wind Week Celebration, August 9-15, 2020! #WindBuildsTheFuture

This year, we are celebrating all the ways “Wind Builds the Future.” In a time of economic uncertainty, wind power is bringing jobs, new revenue, and opportunity to communities across the country.  Wind energy is one of the few industries creating new manufacturing jobs and delivering sustained economic benefits to rural communities. And offshore wind energy offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity we need to take to help spur an economic recovery. 

Now in its fourth year, American Wind Week 2020 is a celebration of all of the ways wind power has created opportunity in the past, and the ways wind energy will power an economic recovery and help us build a cleaner, healthier, and more resilient future. 


American Wind Week is an annual nation-wide celebration of America’s accomplishments in advancing wind energy and recognizing the benefits wind brings to communities across the U.S. This year marks the Fourth Annual American Wind Week and what better way to kick off the 2020 decade than highlighting one of America’s major sources of clean energy that is powering our economy into the future! 

AWEA hosted the inaugural “American Wind Week” in 2017 in celebration of wind power emerging as America’s #1 source of renewable energy capacity. Since then, every August elected officials across the country are invited to visit wind farms and factories to learn more about wind technology and show their support. Americans across the political spectrum participate in company and community-organized events and share their support for wind on social media. 

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American Wind Week 2020 will be held August 9-15th. Sign-up to learn more.

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It is #AmericanWindWeek and we are excited to celebrate America’s #windpower success story! Learn more and sign-up for updates at #WindBuildsTheFuture

Over 120,000 Americans are employed in the U.S. #windenergy industry across all 50 states. More than ever, electricity is a necessity, not a luxury, and American wind workers are ensuring that need is met. #AmericanWindWeek #WindBuildstheFuture

Polling shows that there is bipartisan agreement among American voters that #windenergy is a clean, renewable, affordable power source that also reduces carbon emissions. #WindBuildsTheFuture #AmericanWindWeek

U.S. #offshorewind is exactly the kind of once-in-a-generation opportunity we need to take advantage of as the nation looks for ways to boost economic growth and job creation. #WindBuildsTheFuture #AmericanWindWeek

#WindBuildsTheFuture by supporting economic development in communities across the U.S. Through local tax and landowner lease payments, wind power delivers new income communities can use to invest in schools and repair roads. #AmericanWindWeek

Did you know that daily activities like checking your email, driving to work, shopping at your favorite stores or buying products from brands you prefer could be powered by #windenergy? Learn how #WindBuildsTheFuture.

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