American Clean Power Week


Join us October 25-29, 2021 as we celebrate the first-ever American Clean Power Week (ACPW), an entire week dedicated to celebrating the ways clean energy is building a better future for the U.S.

ACPW is an evolution of the former American Wind Week, intended to recognize the full spectrum of clean energy technologies. With clean energy technologies’ 50-state footprint, this year’s theme is the United States of Clean Energy. We’ll highlight how land-based and offshore wind power, solar power, energy storage, and transmission infrastructure deliver increasingly affordable, reliable, clean energy to millions of American families and businesses, and how together, clean energy is powering good-paying American jobs across all 50 states.

2021 is an exciting year for clean energy, new 21st-century job creation, and the fight against climate change. Earlier this year, the Biden administration proposed the American Jobs Plan, a roadmap for putting Americans back to work building our country’s critical infrastructure that will support the energy transition. From red states to blue states, there are opportunities for all Americans in the new clean energy economy. 

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Save the date for the first-ever #AmericanCleanPowerWeek this Oct 25-29! I’m looking forward to joining @USCleanPower for a week-long celebration of #CleanEnergy technologies. Learn more:

Save the date for #AmericanCleanPowerWeek on October 25-29, 2021! @USCleanPower’s first annual week-long celebration of #CleanPower will showcase how the United States of clean energy is powering American jobs. Learn more:

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